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4,500-Year-Old Sumerian ‘Lost Palace’ Unearthed

4,500-Year-Old Sumerian ‘Lost Palace’ Unearthed

The British Museum, which is conducting archaeological excavations in Southern Iraq, has unearthed a 4500-year-old palace from the Sumerian period.

A Sumerian palace was unearthed during excavations in the south of Iraq by the British Museum, headquartered in London.

Described as the “Lost Palace”, the 4500-year-old building is located in Girsu, the religious center of Lagaş during the Sumerian Civilization.

The temple of the ancient Sumerian god Ningirsu was also uncovered during the expedition.

Lost Palace

“Although our knowledge of the Sumerian world is limited, our discovery in Girsu will help us understand this important civilization and shed light on the past and the future,” said British Museum Director Hartwig Fischer.

Lost Palace

The palace was first encountered during the excavations carried out last year. According to experts, Girsu was used as a settlement in 5300 BC.

Lost Palace

Sebastian Ray, head of the Girsu Project, stated that Girsu is “one of the world’s most important legacies” and that little is known about it.

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