45 Centimeter Mass Revealed From Woman’s Abdomen

A 45-centimeter mass was removed from the abdomen of Hilal Yurtluk, who had swelling in her abdomen and had difficulty breathing, after the operation that lasted for 2 and a half hours.

Hilal Yurtluk, 42, residing in the province of Van, Turkey, applied to the hospital because of swelling in her abdomen and difficulty in breathing.

Dormitory, who went to Health Sciences University Van Training and Research Hospital, she was examined by Gynecological Oncology Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Yunus Emre Purut.

Yurtluk, who was found to have a mass in her abdomen, underwent an operation that lasted 2 and a half hours.

A mass of 45 centimeters in total, one 35 and the other 10 centimeters, was removed from Yurtluk’s abdomen.

“Her Belly Looked Bigger Than A Pregnant Woman Whose Time Had Come”

Dr. Purut stated that they detected a mass filling the entire abdomen of the patient, who could not even breathe anymore, and said, “The belly of this patient looked bigger than a pregnant woman whose time had come.”

“Her Stomach Was Sompletely Filled with Mass”

Stating that the masses originating from the ovaries in women can be this large, Op. Dr. Purut continued his explanations as follows:

“However, we rarely see masses originating from the uterus that have grown so large that they press on the patient’s diaphragm and rib cage. The mass of this patient was also quite large. His stomach was completely filled with mass. We performed an operation that will improve the quality of life. The operations are performed with a team. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. I would like to thank Erhan Hanligil and all my colleagues.”

“Sometimes Masses May Not Show Symptoms”

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Opr. Dr. Erhan Hanligil emphasized that women should have their annual check-ups.

Hanligil said, “Sometimes the masses may not show any symptoms. It can also be very large when it shows symptoms. So was this case. The experience of the physician enabled him to overcome the case. We have enough specialist doctors in our hospital. Our patients should have their annual check-ups”.

“I Was Very Surprised to See the Audience”

Hilal Yurtluk used the following words:
“Now my breathing is back to normal. I am in a very relaxed state right now. I feel great relief and comfort in my body. Many thanks to my doctor. I was very surprised to see the audience coming out of me. I was in awe, but it does happen. Controls should not be interrupted. I would like to thank my doctor, Mr. Yunus Emre, and the whole team for hosting me very well.”

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