4,300-Year-Old Mummy from the Pharaonic Dynasty Found in Egypt!

A mummy, 9 statues and some valuables belonging to the 5th and 6th Pharaonic Dynasty were found during archaeological studies in the historical Saqqara region, where the royal tombs are located in Egypt.

Egyptian archaeologist and Minister of Antiquities Zahi Havas made a statement at the press conference about the archaeological excavations in the Saqqara region and the new artifacts found.

Havas, who is responsible for the team carrying out archaeological studies in the ancient Sakkara region, stated that a mummy, which is estimated to be 4300 years old, 9 statues and some valuables were found during the excavations.

Havas stated that the artifacts found date back to the 5th Pharaonic Dynasty (between 2487 BC and 2449 BC) and the 6th Pharaonic Dynasty (between 2345 BC and 1821 BC).

Havas noted that the statues in question were made of limestone, and they could not identify who they belonged to, as there was no embroidery on them.

It Has Never Been Opened For 3,300 Years

Regarding the mummy unearthed, Havas said, “The mummy found belongs to a man. Her name is Heka Shibs. This coffin has never been opened for 4300 years. This is the oldest mummy we’ve ever found, other than the royal mummies found.” said.

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