4 Million Bees Killed, Superior Bee Breeds Stolen!

4 million bees perished as a result of the destruction of dozens of beehives in the area where Turkish Bee Gene Studies were carried out in the Şarköy district of Tekirdağ.

In Uçmakdere, a district of Şarköy, in the area where national beekeeping projects related to Turkish Bee Gene Studies are carried out, 200 beehives were destroyed and approximately 4 million bees perished. In addition to the destruction of 4 million bees in the isolated area, some bee breeds were also stolen from the area.

At the beginning of the project, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Necati Banana went to the Şarköy District Gendarmerie Command and filed a complaint. Thereupon, the gendarmerie teams started to work on the incident.

Assoc. Dr. In a statement, Banana said, “Approximately 4 million were killed and superior disease-resistant bee breeds were stolen.

Here, it was aimed to produce organic pharmaceutical raw materials with local resources. It was aimed to treat some diseases of bees and to produce high quality and residue-free bee products used in human health. We started the project in 2016 with the support of the ministry. Genetic breeds that we have accumulated for years, the data of the project was stolen.

We started to work on a livestock project with 200 hives in a 10-decare isolated area, away from agricultural threats. We had genetically superior bees collected from different villages of Thrace. We had a breeding struggle here for 6 years. There was no theft here.

The genetic races that we have accumulated for years and the data of the project have also been stolen. Because the honeycombs were damaged, the bees died, some of them escaped.

Queen bees were stolen from hives, which are genetic material,” he said.


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