4 million 854 thousand foreign tourists came to Istanbul in 8 months

Istanbul hosted 4 million 854 thousand 4 foreign tourists in the 8 months of the year and 1 million 2 thousand 722 foreign tourists in August.

According to the data of the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, the number of foreign tourists visiting Istanbul was 4 million 854 thousand 4 in 8 months of the year. In August, 1 million 2 thousand 722 people visited Istanbul. The number of tourists increased by 129 percent in August compared to the same month of the previous year.

While 999 thousand 765 people came to Istanbul by air in August, the number of those who visited the city by sea was 2 thousand 957.

In August, 1333 tourists from Atatürk Airport, 317 thousand 638 people from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, 680 thousand 794 people from Istanbul Airport came to Istanbul, 1436 from Tuzla Port, 1152 from Zeytinburnu Port, 144 from Ambarlı Port, Haydarpaşa 142 people from the Port of Pendik, 16 from the Port of Pendik and 67 from the Port of Marmara entered the city.

67.89 percent of foreigners arriving by air used Istanbul Airport and 31.68 percent used Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

– Germans in first place

Among the foreigners who came to Istanbul in August, the Germans took the first place with 117 thousand 522 tourists. Germans made up 11.72 percent of the total number of visitors to Istanbul.

Germany with 88 thousand 63 tourists, Iran with 60 thousand 68 tourists, France with 55 thousand 461 tourists, Iraq with 49 thousand 172 tourists, the USA with 39 thousand 522 tourists, Kuwait with 35 thousand 694 tourists, the Netherlands with 31 thousand 805 tourists, and 31 thousand 359 tourists respectively. Jordan was followed by Ukraine with 29 thousand 538 tourists, Uzbekistan with 28 thousand 511 tourists, Azerbaijan with 22 thousand 457 tourists, Libya with 21 thousand 667 tourists, Austria with 15 thousand 551 tourists and Morocco with 13 thousand 799 tourists.

8.78 percent of the tourists coming to the city were Iranians, 5.99 percent Russians, 5.53 percent French, 4.90 percent Iraqis, 3.94 percent Americans and 3.56 percent Kuwaitis.

While tourists from 190 countries came to Istanbul during the said period, only one person from North Korea, Sao Tome and Principe, Guyana and Swaziland visited Istanbul.

The number of tourists coming to Istanbul this year by month is as follows:

Months Number of Tourists


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