3300 Year Old War Helmet Found in Corum

After his discovery in 2002, the late Dr. The warrior helmet, which was brought to the world of science by Mustafa Suel, is unique in the world.

Due to the fact that bronze war materials were taken as booty in wars and the bronze was re-melted and reused in other productions, the helmet is very important in terms of being the only example that has survived from the Hittite Empire period.

The helmet, which was presented as a gift to the ‘Storm God’ in mythology, began to be exhibited in the Corum Museum, which is home to 8 civilizations.

Explaining that the warrior’s helmet is on display at the Corum Museum this year, one of the archaeologists of Corum Museum, Ozge Eren, said, “The bronze helmet, which went on display this year, has a conical shape with a pointed crest, and has rivet holes on the neck and cheeks. Apparatuses that protect the cheeks and neck are attached to these parts.

“The only extant example”

Explaining that the bronze helmet, the only example of a 3300 year old helmet that has survived, was crushed and destroyed because it was buried under the rubble of the religious building called the “D” building, which was destroyed by a great fire about 3300 years ago, Eren continued as follows.

“Since bronze war materials are taken as trophies in wars and taken away and bronze is repeatedly melted and reused in other productions, very few of them survive today. For this reason, this helmet found in Ortakoy Sapinuva is very important in that it is the only example that has survived from the Hittite Empire period, to which it belongs, although it was found in a crushed and destroyed condition.

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