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31 Soldiers Lost in Thailand, 75 Soldiers Rescued

31 Soldiers Lost in Thailand, 75 Soldiers Rescued

Thai Navy warship sank in the Gulf of Thailand. While 31 soldiers were lost in the incident, 75 soldiers were rescued. Navy spokesman Pokkrong Monthatphalin said in a statement that the ship lost control and capsized due to strong winds.

Thailand is experiencing disaster, so to speak. The warship with hundreds of navy soldiers sank in the Gulf of Thailand.


Spokesperson of the Navy, Pokkrong Monthatphalin, said in a statement after the grave development that the ship lost its control due to strong winds and capsized due to the flood, adding that 75 soldiers were rescued and the search for 31 missing soldiers continues.
Warship capsized in Thailand: 31 soldiers killed, 75 rescued

soldiers lost in Thailand

soldiers lost in Thailand


It has been announced that the teams, continuing their race against time to find the missing sailors, participated in the search and rescue efforts along with the helicopters.


While northern and central Thailand experience the lowest temperatures of the year, southern Thailand has been home to storms and floods in recent days. Authorities had warned the ships to stay ashore.

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