2 Boats Carrying Migrants Sink Off Tunisia: 4 Dead

As a result of the sinking of 2 boats carrying irregular migrants off the southern coast of Tunisia, 4 people died and more than 20 people went missing.

Fevzi Mesmudi, judicial official of the Sfax Court, said in a statement to the local press that 2 boats carrying irregular immigrants from sub-Saharan African countries sank in the last 24 hours.

Mesmudi said, “17 people in the boat, which sank 35 miles off the city of Sfax, were rescued, and around 20 immigrants disappeared. Search and rescue efforts for the immigrants continue.” used the phrase.

Stating that there were 43 irregular migrants in the second boat that sank off Sfaks, Mesmudi noted that 36 migrants were rescued, the bodies of 4 people were found, and 3 people were lost at sea.

Every year, thousands of African irregular migrants come to Tunisia to travel to Europe via the Mediterranean in hopes of a better life. While some of the immigrants living in immigrant neighborhoods in Tunisia manage to reach Europe, some of them die at sea.

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