10 Places to Visit in Tekirdağ

Story Highlights
  • Tekirdag Archeology and Ethnography Museum
  • Rakoczi Museum
  • Namik Kemal House
  • Old Tekirdag Photographs Museum
  • Malkara Education and Culture Foundation Private Museum
  • Hora Lighthouse
  • Camlıkoy Kastro Beach
  • Sarkoy Coast
  • Kumbag Beach
  • Kazak Lake Picnic Area

Tekirdag, Located in the Thracian side of the Marmara region Turkey’s most populous city is the twenty-third. Here are the several places to visit in Tekirdağ.

Tekirdağ Archeology and Ethnography Museum

The building, built by architect Kazım Tahsin in 1927,was used as the Governor’s Mansion until 1976. This two-storey building has started to operate as Tekirdağ Archeology and Ethnography Museum since 1992.

Rakoczi Museum

It is located on Barbaros Street. The building is an old Ottoman mansion, and the Hungarian Prince II, who lived between 1720-1735. It is the house of Frenc Rakoczi.

Namık Kemal House

This house, where the famous poet Namık Kemal was born in Tekirdağ in 1840, was restored by Tekirdağ Municipality and Namık Kemal Association and turned into a museum.

Old Tekirdag Photographs Museum

This mansion, where Greek Dimitrios Mavridis lived with his family before the exchange, was turned into a museum by the Süleymanpaşa Municipality.

Malkara Education and Culture Foundation Private Museum

Malkara Education and Culture Foundation Private Museum, located in Malkara district center,  was opened in 1992. Located in a part of the Palace of Culture, the museum consists of two separate parts, archaeological and ethnographic.

Hora Lighthouse

Hora Lighthouse, located 20 km from Şarköy district, was built with special materials brought from France in 1861 with the order of Sultan Abdülmecit.

Çamlıköy Kastro Beach

Located 15 km from Saray district, Çamlıköy Kastro Beach was formerly known only as Kastro Beach, but today it is known as Çamlıköy Beach.

Şarköy Coast

Şarköy Coast, is one of Turkey’s longest beach with 60 meters in length. Şarköy Beach, which is also the twelfth longest coast in the world, is visited by many local and foreign tourists, especially in the summer months.

Kumbag Beach

Kumbag Beach, which has a quiet, calm and quite peaceful environment, is one of the places where you can rest. Although its sea is wavy, it is on the list as a must for weekends.

Kazak Lake Picnic Area

Kazak Lake Picnic Area, located 3 km northeast of Kapaklı district, is one of the most important natural places of the district. In addition, you will both have a fresh air and have a picnic in one of the most beautiful resting and picnic areas in this region.

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