10 Places to Visit in Sakarya

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  • Justinianus Bridge
  • Cark Street
  • Golkent
  • Kirkpinar
  • Bagdat Street
  • Sakarya Karasu Beach
  • Kuzuluk Hot Springs
  • Tarakli Houses
  • Golbasi Park
  • Kent Park

The city, founded on the banks of the Sakarya River, has hosted many civilizations in the past. Due to its geographical location, it has been a very important settlement throughout history. Here are the several places to visit in Sakarya.

Justinianus Bridge

Justinianus Bridge, one of the historical buildings of Sakarya, is located in Beşköprü district of Serdivan district. It is also one of the symbolic structures of Sakarya.

Çark Street

Çark Street, located on the Adapazarı district border, is known as the shopping street. This street, which is the symbol of the city, is closed to traffic and is lively and active for almost 24 hours.


Gölkent, which turned into a town with the merger of several villages, became a district of Ferizli district in 2014.


Kırkpınar, the first settlement established by the Circassians, is a paradise with its lush vegetation. Although its population has declined today, the Circassian population is still in a dominant position.

Bağdat Street

There is a boulevard-like Bağdat Street in the middle of Kırkpınar Neighborhood. You will love this place where open air concerts are held in the summer months. Do you lie down on the green grass and sing along to your favorite songs? It sounds extremely good!

Sakarya Karasu Beach

Located 55 km from the center of Sakarya Karasu beach, has 15 kilometers of length, it is Turkey’s second longest beach.

Kuzuluk Hot Springs

Kuzuluk Hot Springs, located in Akyazı district, is an underground water source. Kuzuluk Hot Springs, which is a place preferred by the residents of Istanbul, is a route that everyone can go, regardless of summer or winter.

Taraklı Houses

Taraklı Houses, located in the valley on the slopes of Hıdırlık Hill and Taraklı Fortress in Taraklı district, are from the Ottoman architecture and have a history of 300 years.

Gölbaşı Park

Gölbaşı Park is located on the eastern shore of Sapanca Lake. Gölbaşı Park is very popular with its unique view.

Kent Park

Kent Park, located within the borders of Adapazarı district, was formed by transforming the land of the Old Agricultural Equipment Corporation Factory into a green area. The park is a place where local people come to get away from city life and find some peace. It is located on an area of 160 thousand square meters.

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