10 interesting informations that you need to know about Republic of Turkey

Republic of Turkey is defined in the first 3 article of constitution like;

  1. State of the Republic of Turkey is a republic.
  2. Republic of Turkey is a constitutional state which is social, democratic, laical. It respects human right and follows nationalism of Atatürk. Republic of Turkey based on the principles that are pointed in the beginning.
  3. Government of Turkey is an indivisible whole with its country and nations. Its language is Turkish. Its flag,whose shape is pointed out in laws, is red with the whitestar and crescent. Its National Anthem is the Independence March. Its capital city is Ankara.

These items create the basic of Turkey. There are also many other significant informations that you need to know. Here are the 10 interesting informations about Republic of Turkey;

It is a bridge between Asia and Europe :

Thanks to its geographic position, Turkey connects Asia and Europe to each other with Gallipoli strait and İstanbul strait. These connections are provided with 3 bridges in İstanbul. When you call a number from Asia, the code of 216 is used. Also the code of 212 is used while calling a number from Europe.

Four seasons can be experienced at the same time :

Turkey is a country that is surrounded on three sides by the sea. There are shorelines more than 7000 km which are surrounded by Black Sea, Aegean Sea, andMediterranean. But there is a continental climate in Central Anatolia region and East region. It means that you can go swimming and enjoy the sun  in Antalya on April while one of your friend can go skiing in Erciyes Ski Center.

Metropolis İstanbul with 15 millions populations

İstanbul, which is the biggest city in Turkey, is one of the most crowded cities in world with its 15 millions populations. We can say that in Turkey which has 80 millions populations, one out of every nineteen lives in İstanbul.

İstanbul ,whose history based on 3000 years ago, is alwasy accepted as one of the most important regions by Ottoman Empire and Constantinople.

İstanbul, which is in the heart of Turkey, has numerous history and natural beatuies, and it is visited for financial, education, culture, art, sport, and media.

Some places are need to be seen in İstanbul such as; Mosques and palaces of Ottoman Empire, Galata Tower that was structured by Anastasius, and Grand Bazaar that was structured by Mehmet the Conqueror on 1460.

The biggest airport in Turkey

The third airport in İstanbul goes into action on 29 October 2018 that is the 95th establishment anniversay of Republic of Turkey. The airport will be the most biggest airport in the world with 150 millions of passenger capacity. This situtation makes Turkey among the most significant countries without any doubt.

17 historical artifacts in UNESCO’S World Heritage

There are 17 historical artifacts and archaelogical sites of Turkey in UNESCO’S World Heritage List. Many other world heritages ,that has been not added in the list yet, draw visitors’ attention in addition to  Ephesus, Mount Nemrut, and Cappadocia. Anatolia has hosted many civilisations since prehistoric age. It provides a full experience in every sense.

Football attracts a huge attention

Many types of sports are played as proffesional in Turkey. But basketball and especially football get a huge attetion of Turkish people. The life pauses on the day of important matches in İstanbul. People watch these matches in stadiums or on the tv. The three important football teams of İstanbul are Galatasary,Fenerbahçe, and Beşiktaş. These teams are the most popular, and they have themost amount of supporters. Turkey is known in foreign countries with the UEFA cup that is won by Galatasaray, succes of Turkish National Team in World Football Championship and Europe Football Championship, and success of Beşiktaş in Europe.

Turkey has an extraordinary cuisine culture

Turkish cuisine is rich in terms of meat, vegetables, and pastries. Ottoman empire establihed domination on different regions such as; the Balkan States, Caucasus, the Middle East and the Middle Asia. Turkey, which is the inheritor of Ottoman Empire, offers the dishes of these regions by gathering. When you come to Turkey, we can say that the most unforgettable thing will be Turkish cuisine.

You shouldn’t say that I visited Turkey without tasting çiğ köfte, mantı, yaprak sarması, karnıyarık, künefe, baklava.

By the way, tea is consumed so often. We advise to taste tea that is bright red and brewed with its own way.

The Santa Claus is originally from Turkey

Santa Claus was borned onPatara Antique City of Antalya. Also, Mother Mary’s House is in Ephesus. Many figures that are aforesaid in the Bible including Saint Paul lived in Anatolia. Hz. İbrahim lived in Şanlıurfa. It is assumed that Noah’s Ark is in the Mouth Ağrı.

Agriculture began in Anatolia

According to historians, the first agriculture activites began in Çatalhöyük, which is in Konya now, 11.000 years ago. Thanks to excavations, it is understood that people ,which lived in that term, used  wheat  and barley in their dishes.

Today, Turkey is a leading country in agriculture. Turkey is among the most significant exporters in world. It exports many products such as;  grain, sunflower seed, nut, and citrus trees.

Turkish series and movies attracts attention

The movies and series ,which has been made for 20 years, attracts attention around the world. Nuri Bilge Ceylan, who took Golden Palm in Cannes Film Festival, can be seen the most significant director. Turkish series are also liked by millions of people from Middle East to Middle Asia and from the Balkan States to South America.

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