1 Million People Came To Turkey For Hair Transplant In 2022

Turkish Health Tourism Association President Dr. Servet Terziler said that 1 million people came to Turkey for hair transplantation in 2022, and half of the 4 billion dollars turnover was obtained from hair transplantation services.

Turkish Health Tourism Association (TÜSATDER) President Dr. Servet Terziler said, “Half of the 4 billion dollars turnover in 2022 was obtained from hair transplantation services. If we assume that the foreign exchange left by an average patient in hair transplantation is 2 thousand dollars, we can say that 1 million people came to Turkey for hair transplantation in 2022. “

Terziler stated that the health tourism sector spent the year 2022 very productively, and that 4 billion dollars of service exports were made in general hospital services.

Stating that foreign tourists also show serious interest in spa tourism, Terziler emphasized that with the income obtained from spa tourism, a figure exceeding 10 billion dollars has been reached.

Stating that hair transplantation is the locomotive in general health services, Terziler said, “Dental services are also becoming widespread. We see that dental clinics are opened in many parts of Turkey. If we can improve the quality of service, the health tourism sector will grow much more. The close target of the health tourism sector is to reach a figure of 20 billion dollars. “We have a target of 5 billion dollars in 2023 at the point we call core health care,” he said.

Stating that Turkey had a very good crisis management experience in the field of health during the epidemic period, Tailors made the following assessments:

“Turkey’s health infrastructure is very strong. We have increased the total quality to the highest level with our doctors and allied health personnel. The whole world has had the chance to observe this. We are currently receiving a very serious demand from the European continent. By making insurance agreements between the states, efforts are made to ensure that foreigners receive health services in our country. “Istanbul is taking firm steps towards its goal of becoming the health tourism capital of the world. We experienced a stagnation with the forced closure of crossings during the Covid

period. However, the demand accumulated at that time caused a density in 2022. We are also very hopeful for 2023.”


Stating that the inspections should be tightened by the Ministry of Health, Terziler said, “The businesses under the stairs should not be overlooked. These types of businesses both spoil the image of our country and reverse the current positive wind. We see this a lot, especially in hair transplants. There is a section called Bagci. They go abroad and make hair transplants illegally and tarnish the name of nurses of Turkish doctors.

We have started trainings through associations in order to increase the quality of service. Training processes are continuing in clinics and hospitals. Problems can only be overcome with education. Robotic hair transplant is now happening in Turkey. Worldwide We started to do business. We can increase the quality of health services with technology and innovation,” he said.

Stating that it is very easy to reach treatment in the internet age, Terziler continued his words as follows:

“When a person who wants to get health services searches on the internet, there are many options. The most important thing for counselors and clients is that the institution they want to receive service from is a well-established institution. they should prefer overturned institutions. Because if an institution can survive in a sector for at least ten years, its quality is high.

It is necessary to look at the experience of doctors. Doctors with 15-20 years of experience in the field may be preferred. In addition, the intensive care infrastructure should be in the facility where service will be provided. Anesthesiologists should prefer hair transplantation. They should follow their processes. In case of a negative complication, there should be a team that can intervene immediately.”

Reminding that half of the 4 billion dollars turnover in 2022 was obtained from hair transplantation services, Terziler concluded his words as follows:

“Assuming that the foreign exchange left by an average patient in hair transplantation is 2 thousand dollars, we can say that 1 million people came to Turkey for hair transplantation in 2022. Turkish Airlines Turkish Hairlines jokes began to be made.

When we fly abroad, we see people with headbands all the time. These are truly proud works. Of course, if we can provide a quality service. We can say that we have exceeded 500 million dollars turnover in dental services. We have reached the level of 400 million dollars in aesthetic surgery.”

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