Zombie planet found that shouldn’t exist

Scientists discover a new planet that appears to have miraculously survived the violent death of its star

Just as the Earth will end if the Sun disappears, the planets disappear after the death of their stars.

For example, when the Sun dies, it will expand up to 100 times and swallow the Earth. But a new study offers hope that at least some of these planets may survive.

A planet managed to survive

The Jupiter-like planet known as Halla has survived the death of its star, Baekdu.

Scientists discovered that Baekdu had previously expanded into a red giant. However, in this case, it had to inflate to 1.5 times the distance between itself and Halla, and absorb the star.

Despite this dramatic and violent event, Halla was imaged by astronomers using telescopes in Hawaii. This indicates that the planet is still alive.

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