YouTube Makes Life Easier for Those Who Fall Asleep Watching Videos!

YouTube Makes Life Easier for Those Who Fall Asleep Watching Videos!

YouTube is preparing to add a sleep timer to its app. This feature will automatically stop video playback after a certain period of time. Here are the details!

YouTube Music’s addition of a sleep timer feature in February 2023 heated up competition among music apps. This led to rumors that Google is working on adding a similar feature to the YouTube app for Android.

The sleep timer feature allows users to automatically stop music or video playback after a set period of time, which could be a big innovation for YouTube users.

Features of the YouTube Sleep Timer

An APK review by Android Authority has uncovered references to a sleep timer in the latest version of the YouTube app. This review states that the timer can be set in hours or minutes and will automatically stop playback at the end of the time.

In YouTube Music, users can set the sleep timer for 5, 15, 30 minutes or an hour. However, it is thought that the YouTube app may take a different approach and offer more flexible time settings. When the timer is about to expire, the user will be given the option to reset or continue, and a notification will appear in the notification panel showing the countdown. Netflix tried to add a sleep timer to its Android app in 2021, but later removed the feature. Other popular video streaming services don’t offer similar functionality, which could give YouTube a leg up in this area. It may be some time before Google adds a sleep timer to the YouTube app. When the feature officially launches, it will most likely be available on YouTube’s iOS app, but it’s not expected to come to the web or other devices. It took more than nine months for the sleep timer feature to roll out to YouTube Music, so we may have to wait a while to see it in the YouTube app.

YouTube Music’s sleep timer offers the handy option of “pause at the end of the song”. We hope Google will offer a similar option in the YouTube app, so that video viewers can have playback automatically stopped at the end of a video.

This would be a great innovation, given that YouTube is widely used for listening to music, podcasts and watching long videos.

The sleep timer feature is likely to further improve the video viewing experience for YouTube users. It is not yet known when Google will roll out this feature, but it is clear that users are eagerly awaiting this innovation.

The addition of a sleep timer once again demonstrates YouTube’s commitment to providing user-friendly features. This will be especially useful for users who like to watch videos or listen to music while sleeping.

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