Your Career Plan Start to Rise in Turkey! Success Stories from Turkey

We hear in magazine pages that many foreign persons have reached fame in Turkey. We have also witnessed that foreign football players have passed to Turkish citizenship. Even everyone has heard Elvan Abeylegesse, our national athlete, of Kenyan origin who competed in Olympiads on behalf of Turkey.

Well, do you want to meet with the persons who have bright career, live in Turkey, working in important positions at the largest companies of the World present in Turkish market ?  Here, the most successful foreign businessmen of Turkey who have achieved success in different sectors:

Gaining Speed at Full Throttle with Automotive Sector

Automotive sector takes the lead for sectors at which foreign capital is the highest. Highness of foreign capital also increases number of foreign managers. Dirk Wülfing, Chairman of the Board of the Business of Mercedes-Benz and Man in Turkey is only one of these persons…

Wülfin who moved to Turkey in 2002 says a very wrong impression exists for Turks in Germany. Friendliness, hospitality and helpfulness of Turks have affected him very much after starting to live in Turkey. Doing business in Turkey has added various experienced to me, he says.

Those who achieve success early in Communication Sector

All of the persons who represent their companies at international market in Turkey or ascend success stairs confront us as persons who have achieved success at young age.   One of these persons is Turkish Country Director of Nokia is Alsessandro Fiorentino. Young and successful businessman aged 38 has been in Turkey for last two years. He was performing a duty in Italy before.

Alessandro Fiorentino stating that Turkey has quite important share in terms of his career indicates Turkey is the fastest country among developing countries, economic and industry areas in some regions is a head of European countries. Successful person stating that  the sector most developed and open to develop of Turkish economy is GSM sector, emphasizes foreign youth may make contribution to their careers in Turkey.

Turkey Trains Managers

Effect of foreign investors on retail sector is quite a lot for a long time. Especially in construction markets and large store chains, it is possible to see foreign firms. The companies like Bauhaus, Tekzen, İKEA, Praktiker, Dechatlon, Carrefour and Metro Market, etc. shines out as most known ones.

Bert Bender, Member of the Board of Turkey Metro Market, one of the strongest names of retail sector has been in Turkey for a long time and very happy for that…Bender who met with his spouse in 1999 at Istanbul and starting to do business in Turkey following getting married says Turkey is very vibrant, everything may change every day. He also underlines that doing business in Turkey will add much to the career and worldview of youth.

Rearing Sector of Turkey, Construction

Construction sector takes lead in Turkish economy. Pierre Dammon, Turkey Representative of Lafarge construction company has also been living in Turkey for two years and states he is quite satisfied with that way of living.

Way of Developing Career passes from Turkey

Dammon saying that Turkey is a significant country offering opportunity of education and experience for the manager in each sector of Turkey points out Turkey is a key country not only from economic and sector perspective but also forming connection between different cultures and both continents.

Multinational companies generally prefer foreign managers for their works in Turkish market. The companies which work with Turkish managers are little if any.  Foreign managers started to work is either appointed from another country or directly sent from centre.

The persons who has spent their studentship in Turkey or participated in training programs in Turkey may become reason of preference. Turkey perception starts to differentiate for everyone who has come to Turkey and lived for certain time. Many persons who have come to Turkey to do business or study express they are happy from being in this country. Even many persons think appointment to Turkey is a great chance.

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