Young woman claims she died and talked to God

Mariandree Cárdenas, 24, claims that she was with God for three hours on her deathbed and that he showed her the afterlife. Mariandree, who fell into a coma after an asthma attack, said God told her that she needed to come back. Now fully recovered, Mariandree believes that what she experienced was real.

Mariandree Cárdenas, 24, came close to death after her throat closed up and she couldn’t breathe while working at home. Her face went numb and she was unable to speak. Fortunately, she managed to send a text message for help to her mother and brother before she lost her physical mobility. Mariandree was unconscious when they arrived.

Known to have a history of asthma, Mariandree was hospitalized in Guatemala and intubated by doctors. Mariandree, a graphic designer, said, “The last thing I heard was a nurse or a doctor saying, ‘She said goodbye. In an instant, I left the Earth and found myself somewhere else.”


Mariandree claims that it was at this point that he met God. “I was in a place full of light, where there was no sun, moon or stars. I was sitting in front of God. I knew he was God because he was the biggest light. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew he was smiling.”

Stating that God told her that she had to go back, Mariandree said, “I didn’t understand where and why I had to go back. God told me that I had to go back ‘for love’.”


Mariandree stated that the three hours she spent in heaven were three days on Earth. After one day she was able to return home with the necessary rest and care. Mariandree is now fully recovered and still believes she met God. “It was not a hallucination, God wanted to show me what happens after death.”

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