You won’t worry about your phone’s glass anymore: It Will Repair Itself With Water!

You won’t worry about your phone’s glass anymore: It Will Repair Itself With Water!

As a result of the researches of researchers and experts in the field, glass that can repair itself with water was discovered. Here are the details!

Smartphone screen shattering has become an increasingly rare occurrence thanks to advances in glass technology. Yet many people still use screen protectors for fear of an unexpected accident. Experts in the field are working on new research that could solve this very problem.

It may be hard to imagine smartphones with self-healing glass that can repair small scratches on its own, but Apple and other tech companies are already looking into this.

Early estimates suggest that self-healing displays could be available by 2028, and the technology could be especially useful for foldable smartphones.

How Glass Repairs Itself with Water

The technology researchers are working on is essentially a type of glass that repairs itself when exposed to water. Experts have discovered that water bridges peptide molecules, turning them into a hard and transparent glass. This glass has a refraction curve close to that of standard optical glass and can heal itself with just a few drops of water.

But the glass has one major drawback: it can crack if it dries out too much. Although the research is promising, it is not currently suitable for smartphones, primarily because of such disadvantages in the production phase. If researchers can overcome this by adjusting the concentration of the solution, we could see this type of glass used in smartphones in the future.

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