Yesilvadi Nature Park and Campground

Yesilvadi Nature Park and Campground

The green valley is known  as a campsite facility that we frequently encounter on social media. The camping area in Fethiye fascinates visitors with its nature. Not only for campers but also for all nature lovers. That’s why we have created a detailed review article for you. You can examine the details you wonder about the Yesilvadi Nature Park and Campground in this content.

You can only stay as camping accommodation in the green valley. You can camp in the facility hanging from the trees, floating on the water and by the Yaniklar River. Food is served for all meals in the facility, and you can spend time at the tables floating on the water and at the water’s edge, which are quite peaceful. It is not compulsory to go to this facility for camping. You can visit Yesilvadi Nature Park and Campground any day, for a meal and for fresh air.

You can find these Campground Services; Tent Rental, Restaurant, Shower & WC, Charging Station, Car park.

In Yesilvadi Nature Park and Campground, you can do many fun activities… For example, the swing  on the edge of the Yaniklar River… You can swing on this swing and let  yourself go in the cool waters of Yaniklar river and produce great content for social media. In addition, you can swim and cool off as much as possible in natural areas that are pooled. You can rent a canoe and take a cool stroll in Yaniklar river. Since it is forbidden to have a barbecue in the area, you can taste local delicacies and eat from the restaurant. You can make a great start to the day by having breakfast on the floating platform on Yaniklar River.


Green valley nature park camping area is located in Fethiye, one of the most beautiful districts of Mugla. Located in the village of Yaniklar, Fethiye, the business is 20 km from the district center. Designed on water and on trees, the campground offers its visitors different experiences of the camp.

The camping area is 20 km (30 minutes) from the center of Fethiye, 31 km (46 minutes) from Oudeniz, very close to Yaniklar village. The minibuses can reach the village of Yaniklar, then you can easily reach the facility after a short walk. (The last kilometers of the road can deteriorate due to the soil.)


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