Xiaomi Reduces Charging Time to Just 5 Minutes!

Fast charging technology in smartphones is improving, but it seems that Xiaomi is the sole owner of the leadership seat in this field. The company showcased the new 300W fast charging demo as part of MWC.

While the Mobile World Congress continues at full speed, Xiaomi showcased new fast charging technology. The Chinese technology giant conducted a demo with the 300W charger it developed, and the results look very impressive. Xiaomi’s new charger takes your phone from zero to full in just a few minutes.

Full Charge in Just 5 Minutes

Last October, we saw that a full charge in 9 minutes is possible on the Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition through Xiaomi’s Redmi sub-brand. Afterwards, Realme GT Neo5 offered us similar charging times with 240W on a larger battery. But now the event is going to a different place, because Xiaomi performed the 300W charging demo. In the demonstration, the company used a modified version of the Redmi Note 12 and the 4100 mAh battery was taken to full charge in just 5 minutes.

On the technical side of this lies the changes used in the battery that make higher current possible. Xiaomi has replaced some graphite parts with alternative carbon materials in the battery it uses. In this way, the thickness of the electrodes was significantly reduced by 35 percent and more powerful 15C cells were obtained (as opposed to the 10C cells in the Discovery Edition). Thanks to the improved electrolyte design, the lithium-ion battery used by Xiaomi offers a high density while having a faster charge and discharge rate. With increasing density, the amount of heat generated is also reduced.

On the security side, Xiaomi stated that there are more than 50 features built into each charging chip to keep track of current, voltage and temperature. We can say that the announcement made by Xiaomi today was definitely another milestone for the mobile industry. However, it is not yet clear when Xiaomi will produce 300W chargers and phones and how the life of the battery will be affected by this.

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