X (Twitter) becomes paid for new users

Elon Musk says X will soon charge new users a small fee to share, like, reply and favorite posts.

Elon Musk said that new X users will be charged a small fee to share posts in order to get ahead of the bot problem. Musk said that charging new accounts is the only way to stop the bot attack.

Musk: The only way to stop bots!

Referring to tools like CAPTCHA, Musk said that existing artificial intelligence and trolls can easily pass the “Are you a bot?” question. Although users will be charged a small fee at first, it was stated that users will be able to post without any fee three months after the new account is created.

It is not yet clear when Musk’s new decision will be implemented and what kind of fees will be charged to new users. Last October, X started charging unverified new users in New Zealand and the Philippines $1 per year. New free users who signed up from these regions could read posts but were not allowed to interact. They had to pay to publish content, like, re-share, reply, bookmark and quote posts. Musk may introduce a similar fee in other regions.

Earlier this month, X launched a massive cleanup of spam accounts. This resulted in a reduction in followers for most users. But X seems to be aiming to solve the bot problem once and for all with its plan to charge new users.

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