X is about to get a new feature: Sending Money Will Now Be Possible!

X is about to get a new feature: Sending Money Will Now Be Possible!

X is slowly moving towards being able to do everything through a single app. It will now be possible to send money from the app. Here are the details!

Every day, Elon Musk brings a new feature for his social media platform X, taking it completely away from its original form. Of course, the innovations evolve the application towards versatile use and enable users to carry out all their work in a single application.

According to Musk’s statement, X will soon be able to get approval for a money transfer license in New York and start offering payment features through the app. Speaking at the Morgan Stanley technology, media and telecom conference, the billionaire said that X could receive this license in California next month and the New York approval a few months later.

Money Sending Feature Coming to X

Money Sending Feature Coming to X

Elon Musk has taken a big step to bring a feature to X that is already available on China’s WeChat app. X users will now be able to send money on the platform and X will become more than just a “tweet” app.

It is said that X needs to obtain this license in every state in order to be available across the US. Musk also announced that approval in New York and California will be granted shortly. The license has already been approved in some states, including Pennsylvania and Utah.

Elon Musk also said that he is considering removing the number of likes and reposts on the platform.

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