World’s first submarine to turn 180 degrees

The Kronos submarine, originally designed by Highland Systems for commercial activities, has been redesigned for military scenarios, becoming the world’s first submarine capable of turning 180 degrees.

Highland Systems, based in the United Arab Emirates, first introduced its hydrodynamic hull submarine model, called Kronos, at the Naval Defense Exhibition NAVDEX last year. Highland Systems had originally developed the submersibles for underwater repair activities and luxury travel. However, the company’s founder and chief designer Alexander Kuznetsov redesigned the submarine for military operations after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It can make 180 degree turns at full speed

According to Highland Systems, Kronos has a steel hull covered with composite material for low radar signature. According to reports, the submarine can comfortably carry 10 passengers. Kronos can carry up to 3000 kilograms of cargo on the water, while its empty weight is approximately 10,000 kilograms. On the speed side, Kronos can reach a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour on water. Its speed under water is 50 kilometers per hour. With an operating depth of 100 meters, Kronos can reach a maximum critical depth of 250 meters.

Kronos, which can operate hybrid with diesel fuel or battery, provides an operating time of 18 hours with the battery when fully charged. When the generator is activated, an additional 36 hours of operation time is obtained. Thus, a total of 54 hours of runtime is offered in hybrid mode. With an operational range of 1,000 kilometers, Kronos’ most impressive feature is its ability to make a 180-degree sudden turn at full speed. According to the company, this feature is a world first.

According to Highland Systems, Kronos’ stingray-shaped structure makes it a stealthier and more agile vehicle than traditional submarine designs. According to the company, Kronos is a more stealthy ship with its electric motor and sonar-absorbing coating. In addition to firing torpedoes, Kronos can also approach slow-moving or anchored enemy ships undetected, plant magnetic mines and detonate them from a safe distance.

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