World of Warships 12.2 Update Released

The new 12.2 update of World of Warships, the free-to-play naval warfare game, has been released.

World of Warships, one of the most popular free-to-play MMO games in the world, celebrates April 1, known as “Prank Day”, with the latest 12.2 update. Developer and publisher Wargaming has announced that Trouble in the Hot Tub is returning to the game. Also new are nine Pan-American cruisers, as well as a special campaign on the Epic Games Store where players can earn up to $20 to celebrate the second year of World of Warships.

Trouble in the Hot Tub has six rubber ducks to choose from. This includes two cruisers, two destroyers and two warships. These rubber ducks come armed with mines that explode when they come into contact with enemy ships. Each class has a different stylized weapon, from high explosive and armor-piercing droplets to gas torpedoes.

Trouble in the Hot Tub in World of Warships

At the helm of these ships are dedicated duck commanders ready to take down an opposing fleet in a seven-by-seven Domination Mode format to earn the title of Trouble in the Hot Tub. As part of the fun, World of Warships is also partnering with Placid Plastic Duck Simulator for a DLC pack available on Steam from March 23 to April 14.

Nine Pan-American cruisers covering Tier II-X are coming to Early Access on March 31. Consumables include the “Expert Repair Party” from Tier VI and the “Surveillance Radar” from Tier VIII. While the armor of this range of ships is weaker, they are equipped with good concealment for ranged attack and work best at medium to long range combat ranges.

Pan-American Cruisers Enter Early Access

Nearly all of these ships are available through random and cascading packs, although the Tier VIII cruiser Ignacio Allende is waiting at the end of the Advanced Battle Pass. Both Ignacio Allende and Tier IX Santander have their own permanent camo, Mayan Mystery and Muisca Gold, respectively. A free DLC featuring the Tier II premium cruiser Almirante Abreu is also available until April 13 for all players on Steam.

World of Warships, now in its second year on the Epic Games Store, is launching a new campaign to celebrate this milestone, where players can earn up to $20. However, this only applies to new Epic Games Store users with PayPal accounts. Unfortunately, Turkish players will not be able to take advantage of this opportunity, as the online payment system does not operate in our country.

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