Work Continues On The Maiden’s Tower

Work continues on the Maiden’s Tower

Made in BC In the Maiden’s Tower, which dates back to 410 years, the studies started last year under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s international restoration principles and the established scientific committee continue.

The wooden construction of the dome in the Maiden’s Tower was completed.

Restoration of the historical building, II. It will be completed after the wooden dome is rebuilt and put in place during the reign of Mahmud.

In the advisory board of the Maiden’s Tower restoration, Prof. Dr. Feridun Cili, Prof. Dr. Zeynep Ahunbay and Architect Han Tümertekin. In addition, the expertise of Istanbul Technical University and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University is also used in the studies.


The Maiden’s Tower was fortified for the first time in history by Fatih Sultan Mehmet after the conquest of Istanbul in 1453. The Maiden’s Tower was damaged in the earthquake of 1509 known as the “little doomsday” and was repaired during the Yavuz period. Sultan Selim. After the 1690 earthquake, the tower was repaired and repaired.

A lantern was built on the lighthouse in 1721. The wooden structure was burned in the fire that broke out after the oil lamp inside the lantern was ignited by the effect of the wind. In 1725, a comprehensive repair was made by the chief architect of the city, Damat İbrahim Pasha.

The tower, which went through various maintenance and repairs between 1774-1776 and 1779-1803, was the biggest repair in the Ottoman period, II. Mahmud performed it in 1832-1833. In 1920-1932 an automatic light system was introduced in the tower.

During the Second World War, renovation works were carried out on the tower. The rotting wooden parts of the tower were repaired. Some sections are made of reinforced concrete. In 1943, large boulders were added around the tower to prevent the tower from slipping. In 1965, the cistern in the building was closed to reinforced concrete casting after renovation.

In the years 1999-2000, all the additions made in the tower were dismantled with the 1944 repair. After this dismantling, some architectural features of the building, which has been closed for years, emerged. After the Marmara earthquake, the tower was reinforced with a steel belt.

Maiden's Tower

Finally, in the works carried out by the ministry, unsuitable materials such as cement, concrete and rebar, which are used according to different static calculations, are purified in the tower, where wood is used as the original material in its construction.

The tower, which had a different appearance in different centuries, will regain its former state at the end of the 18th century, the date when the most information and documents were found after the restoration works.

Maiden's Tower

In addition, the gaps caused by faulty static loadings in the tower will be filled with the injection system and the structure will be made earthquake resistant again.

After the opening, the beauties of Istanbul will be watched in the Maiden’s Tower, where the museum card will be valid, accompanied by a panoramic view.

All restoration works, reports and history of the tower can be viewed at “” along with the documents.


Finally, the wooden construction of the dome in the tower was completed and the original appearance of the dome was revealed. The coating and finishing phase has begun.

Strengthening works on historical masonry walls have been completed. The scaffolding on the castle walls is being dismantled.

Maiden's Tower

In order for the Maiden’s Tower to survive, in addition to the tower and castle restoration works, fortification works have been started for the ground weaknesses that have emerged around the island, and ground reinforcement works are continuing.

Steel reinforced concrete integrated piles are anchored to the bedrock at an average depth of 24 meters at the level of the island boundaries. Thus, the building environment is strengthened against possible jolts, ground slips and other potential hazards.

Maiden's Tower

Fortification reinforcement and other productions in the tower-fortress areas within the island continue in a coordinated manner.

With today’s technology, every opportunity is used to protect the structure such as chemical analysis, georadar imaging systems and laser scanners throughout the process.

Maiden's Tower

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