Will TikTok be Banned in the US? The Results of the Bill Vote Are Announced!

Will TikTok be Banned in the US? The Results of the Bill Vote Are Announced!

While the answer to the question of whether TikTok will be banned in the United States was wondered, an important bill was voted. Here are the details!

While the TikTok debate has been going on for a long time in the United States of America (USA), there has been an important development. A vote was held in the House of Representatives to ban the popular social media service. So, will TikTok be banned in the US?

What are the Results of the Vote for the TikTok Ban?

A vote was held in the House of Representatives while rumors continued that the social media platform owned by the China-based ByteDance company posed a national security threat. 352 people voted yes, while 65 people voted no.

According to the bill voted, the company will be given 180 days. If TikTok is not sold to a different company during this period, it will be banned in the US. In this context, US citizens will not be able to access TikTok via the App Store and Play Store. It is thought that the web version of the service will also be banned.

The bill approved by the House of Representatives will be voted on in the Senate this time. If it is approved by the Senate, US President Joe Biden will sign the bill. “If Congress approves the bill, I will sign it,” Biden said last week.

In 2020, Donald Trump, who assumed the office of President of the United States, recently stated on the NBC channel that banning TikTok would benefit the “enemy of the people” Facebook. Trump criticized the attempt to pass legislation for the sale of TikTok.

Agreeing that TikTok posed a national security problem, Trump said the same was true for Facebook.

What do you think about the decision made by the US House of Representatives? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the subject with us in the comments section below.

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