Will Sony Continue Bringing Exclusive Games to PlayStation? New Plans Revealed!

Will Sony Continue Bringing Exclusive Games to PlayStation? New Plans Revealed!

At the meeting held by Sony’s CEO partners, the company’s strategies for future games were discussed. Here are the details!

Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino, who will be Sony’s new joint CEOs starting June 1, laid out the company’s future strategy during a PlayStation business briefing on Thursday.

According to cells from the interviews, live service games will continue to be released simultaneously for PS5 and PC, but console players will continue to sign up for Sony’s story-driven games earlier.

Live Service Games Will Come to PC Simultaneously with PS5

By delaying PC data for sequels like big games Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and God of War Ragnarök, as it has already done, Sony hopes to encourage those who have played previous games in these series off-console to switch to PS5 to experience these games sooner.

Exclusive Games to PlayStation

Making a statement on the subject, current PlayStation Studios president Hermen Hulst said:

“We offer our games to the PC platform and we have two different approaches to this. On the live service side, we publish our games on PlayStation 5 and PC simultaneously.

But with our single-player or story-driven games, which have been the backbone of PlayStation Studios in recent years and throughout our history, we take a more comprehensive approach and introduce our great series to new audiences and find new audiences that will be potentially very interested in playing sequels on the PlayStation platform, for example.

“We have high hopes that we can bring new players to PlayStation in general and PlayStation platforms in particular.”

Hideaki Nishino, head of PlayStation’s Platform Experience Group, also said the following about its performance:

“We continue to increase the value of our console and our mission continues.

Of course, some users will switch from PC to console. “People who play PC-based games will go to console if they find personal value, so I think that’s an opportunity for growth.”

Sony will hold its State of Play today at 01:00 CET, where it will announce new games and announcements. It is expected that relevant announcements and promotions will take place at this location.

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