Why Was Trump’s Twitter Account Closed? What’s it Got to Do With the FBI?

Elon Musk continues to reveal his dirty laundry belonging to the former administration of Twitter. In the third part of the Twitter files, the closure of Trump’s account and the FBI relationship are mentioned.

Twitter owner Elon Musk continues to share dirty laundry belonging to his former administration. Musk published the information obtained through journalist Matt Taibbi. The new disclosure, referred to as “Twitter files 3”, reveals former US President Donald Trump’s account suspension process and his worrying relationship with the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the Directorate of National Intelligence.

After the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, Twitter decided to suspend the Twitter account of then-President Donald Trump on January 8. However, it seems that this process was planned months in advance, and even during the decision-making process, censorship was applied by communicating with the FBI and other federal agencies.

In Taibbi’s tweet series, it is stated that high-level Twitter officials held weekly meetings with the FBI, the Ministry of Homeland Security and National Intelligence, along with the documents. It is reported that over time, more meetings were held with the intelligence and FBI, and the decision-making process of Twitter officials was greatly affected.

“Twitter Was in Contact With Intelligence Services During the Elections”

Independent journalist Matt Taibbi said: “As elections draw near, top executives, perhaps under pressure from federal agencies, are increasingly struggling with the rules they’re discussing more and more as time goes on.” He states that Twitter’s top officials are clearly doing what federal agencies want them to do.

Twitter’s process of suspending Trump’s account actually started long before the attack on the Capitol. According to what was announced, on December 10, 2020, Twitter developed a new ‘L3 deamplification’ tool to limit Trump’s messages and used it to limit Trump’s reach more quickly and silently.

What are Twitter Files?

Elon Musk first began to reveal confidential documents against freedom of expression, which took place during the former administration of the platform under the name of “Twitter files” on December 3. On December 3, Matt Taibbi announced that documents from the laptop of US President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, were blocked from being published on Twitter by censoring them. Then, Bari Weiss revealed the second part of the Twitter files on December 9, revealing that the platform was censoring users “secretly and unnoticed”.

Has Twitter Worked with Institutions From Other Countries?

The data announced by Elon Musk is mostly focused on events affecting the USA for now. It remains unclear whether Twitter carries out similar activities in other countries, secretly censors politicians or opinion leaders, or whether Twitter is working with non-US intelligence agencies.

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