Who will be the AK Parti Istanbul Candidate?

Who will be the AK Parti Istanbul Candidate?

In the local elections to be held in Turkey in 2024, it is a question of curiosity as to whom the AK Parti will nominate candidates in Istanbul… There are Süleyman Soylu, Murat Kurum, Tevfik Göksu and Şadi Yazıcı behind the scenes of the megacity to be established by President Erdoğan. He tells her “my love, my love” at every opportunity. names stand out.

After the elections to be held on 14 May, all eyes are on the local elections to be held in 2024… While the parties are slowly getting into the local election mood, everyone is wondering who the AK Parti will nominate in Istanbul. lost last year.


For Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who won the presidential elections in the second round, Istanbul, which he described as “my love, my love” has always had a special place. Drawing attention to the local elections to be held in 2024 in his speech on the balcony on election night, Erdoğan said that he would support the opposition in the 2019 local elections, especially in Istanbul. He stated that they wanted to take back the metropolitan cities they had lost. While this is the case, it is said that Erdogan, who put the megacity under the spotlight, put many names on his agenda for the IMM candidacy.


Former Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu was the first of the names whose candidacy for IMM came to the agenda in the AK Parti . The success of Istanbul Deputy Süleyman Soylu’s name for the candidacy, in which Erdoğan is not included in the new cabinet, and the fact that the majority of the Black Sea population resides in Istanbul were effective.

AK Parti Istanbul

Another name mentioned for the candidacy is Murat Kurum… AK Parti Istanbul Deputy Murat Kurum, who handed over the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, was an important factor in his efforts and struggle, especially in the election period. earthquake zone.

AK Parti Istanbul

Tevfik Göksu, the Mayor of Esenler and the AK Parti Deputy Chairman of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, is among the names mentioned for the candidacy.

AK Parti Istanbul

The last name spoken for the candidacy is Tuzla Mayor Şadi Yazıcı. As it will be remembered, President Yazıcı, who thanked President Erdoğan from the stage at the opening of İBB in Tuzla, was attacked by an angry group. Following this development, President Erdoğan thanked Şadi Yazıcı for his upright stance.

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