When Does Retro End?

Mercury Retrograde, which started in 2022, caused us to enter the new year with emotional depressions. While its retro effects have caused many emotional states, it has been announced that the end date has finally come. We have compiled for you the end date of the retro where the balances will settle. So when does Mercury Retrograde end?

Retro turned the sensory processes of all the zodiac signs upside down. The astrologers finally made a statement about Mercury Retrograde, which started in 2022, when misunderstandings were common, and continued at the start of 2023.

Mercury Retrograde, including the first Full Moon of the year, has caused many problems. Mercury Retrograde, which took place 2 to 3 times during the year, this time took place for the fourth time at the end of 2022 and passed to 2023. Mercury Retrograde over the years has caused serious problems.


The real faces in bilateral relations emerged. Aesthetic beauty has increased. Contracts on the doors opened in terms of career were signed. Communication problems increased. In this process, where misunderstandings were experienced most frequently, many horoscopes were damaged.

Emotional gaps, depressions and incomprehensible issues came to light, especially in the water signs. Pisces, Cancer and Aquarius zodiac signs took the lead among those who suffered the most during this process.


Mercury Retrograde, which started on December 29 of 2022, increased its effects on the New Year. The biggest tapping took place on January 3rd. The stressful and depressed days are almost over. Mercury Retrograde will complete on January 20, 2023. Damaged signs need to make good use of the opportunities in front of them.

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