What’s Happening in South Korea?

The death toll in the stampede that broke out during the Halloween celebration in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, rose to 153. It was announced that 4 Chinese, 4 Iranian and 3 Russian citizens were among the dead.

The death toll in the stampede that broke out during the Halloween celebration in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, rose to 153. According to the news of the South Korean agency Yonhap, 153 people were killed and 82 injured. In the stampede during the Halloween celebration in Itaewon district, one of the entertainment centers of Seoul. National Fire Service officials noted that 22 of the dead were foreign nationals.


While it was stated that 4 Chinese, 4 Iranian and 3 Russian citizens lost their lives in the stampede, it was stated that among those who lost their lives were citizens of the USA, France, Australia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Norway, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Austria. On the other hand, it was shared that the identity of a foreign national has not yet been determined.


Authorities noted that the majority of those who lost their lives were young people in their 20s. Seoul city government announced that it has received 355 missing person reports regarding the incident. Choi Cheon-sik, one of the National Fire Brigade officials, stated that they think the stampede occurred as a result of people pushing the crowd in the narrow street where the entertainment venues are located. More than 800 emergency personnel and about 140 emergency vehicles were dispatched to the scene, Choi said. Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, who interrupted his European tour due to the disaster, described the deaths of many young people as “terrible” and conveyed his condolences to their families.

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In addition, festivals and celebrations in the country, as well as events such as K-Pop concerts, have been cancelled. The South Korean Ministry of Defense announced that 3 military personnel were among the dead and 4 personnel were injured in the stampede. According to some national media reports, the stampede occurred as crowds flocked to the Itaewon entertainment venue with rumors of an unidentified celebrity arriving. On the other hand, allegations that narcotic candy was distributed in the venue also spread on social media.

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It is estimated that 100,000 people attended

It is estimated that around 100,000 people attended the Halloween celebrations in Itaewon in central Seoul. In the images reflected on the social media, it is seen that after the stampede, dozens of people were lying lifeless on the ground, and the emergency service workers and other people were giving them CPR. The dead bodies lying side by side with their heads drawn in the images, the horror of the moments of stampede appeared in the live broadcasts of the social media accounts of the participants in the celebration.

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Eyewitnesses said that a large crowd suddenly entered the 4-meter-wide street, and those in front fell under the pressure of those in the back and piled on top of each other. Worried about the increase in the death toll, the police continue to work to identify the victims and contact their families.

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