What You Need to Know Before You Work with Turks ?

Turkey offers many opportunities to investors thanks to it’s rapidly growing young population, qualified labor force and due to its geopolitical position. In order to adapt to business life, it is also useful to know the general characteristics of the Turkish people. Of course, no generalization can be made for any nation, but there are some useful facts you should know before doing business with the Turks.

Trust Has Primary Prevention
Primarily in income trust at the beginning of the basic concepts of business life in Turkey. İNTURKEY partners should also like to establish a relationship of trust with its customers need partners. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that you draw a reliable image before doing business with the Turks. We can suggest that you do not rush, be patient and “network” as much as possible.
When a large number of family businesses in Turkey, taking into account that it is important to keep in mind that can open doors in business, personal relationships.

Be Respectful of Cultural Values
In each country, as well as cultural differences found in Turkey. Turkey, the Western and Eastern values because it is a country which has at the same time, upfront about cultural values is very useful for you. For example, you should pay attention to issues such as greeting rules, table rules, gestures and mimics, style, national and religious values.
Turks are a nation that loves and appreciates modesty. They do not like insolence and arrogance. As long as you are respectful and honest, you will not have any problems in doing business with the Turks. If you respect the cultural values of the Turkish people, you can establish a good and long term relationship with them.

(“Conduct Rules to Be Careful in Communication” link to this article and you can read it also)

Delivery Process Slightly Flexible
Decision-making process in Turkey and can handle slow in some cases. So you may have to meet several times in order to reach a conclusion. So you should not hurry, you may have to wait patiently for the decision of the other person.

Do not even bribe it in your head
Proposing bribery is an illegal situation that is used for the rapid processing of business life. In Turkey, certainly not considered to be good as a bribe other countries. For this reason, do not even think about offering bribes to Turkish people. Because there are various criminal practices for bribery and those who take bribes.

On the other hand, you can offer small gift items from your own country to those you will be doing business with. Such gifts are not perceived as “bribe”. On the contrary, it is regarded as very pleasing movements.

You can try to Bargain.
Bargaining culture found in Turkey. In other words, when shopping, you can buy a product at a cheaper price than the label price. Even if there is no valid method of bargaining in shops or restaurants that implement a single price policy, you can bargain in places such as bazaars and markets. This time you buy raw materials as the owner of a company operating in Turkey in addition to, for example, you can negotiate on the price the company will supply the raw materials.

Business Dining is Very Important
Turkish partners to do business with your potential when you come to Turkey invites you to necessarily eat. Turks are extremely hospitable people against foreigners. They love to have fun and entertain their guests. For this reason, you can not make their gestures strange. It is also important to note that partnerships, sales, and purchases are largely solved in business meals. Although it is an informal activity, it is a big step forward for business meals in business life.

In General, Suit is Dressed.
Institutional companies usually wear suits. We recommend that you first learn the rules of your business in details such as hair, beard style, earrings and tattoos. Again, a style of clothing that we can call “casual smart” is also suitable for Turkish business life. in terms of external appearance and clothing business life in Western countries we can say that the standard applies to Turkey.

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