What You Need to Know About Turkish Business Life ?

Turkey offers many opportunities to investors thanks to it’s rapidly growing young population, qualified labor force and due to its geopolitical position. In order to adapt to business life, it is also useful to know the general characteristics of the Turkish people. Of course, no generalization can be made for any nation, but there are some useful facts you should know before doing business with the Turks.

Great Importance is Attached to Trust.

Business life and business culture in Turkey is quite similar to Mediterranean countries. Attention is paid to establishing close relationships with customers. Trust is of great importance as one of the golden rules in business life as well as in personal life. Initially, you might think that people are overly friendly, but over time you will realize that the situation in Turkey is quite natural met.

You Must Learn Cultural Values

As in every society, there are some special rules also in the Turkish society that should be taken into consideration both in personal life and in business life . Acting in accordance with these rules both in business and in social life will make your life quite easy. For example, you should pay attention to greetings when you enter the office or enter any shop. Dining rules, visiting and residence rules; To obtain detailed information about topics such as national and religious holidays in Turkey will make your life easier. This attentive behavior will strengthen your communication with the people in the business relationship.

You are not exposed to discrimination and racism

In Turkey, people of religion, language and skin color are considered to separate according to an extremely wrong behavior. Turkish people, who are very kind and hospitable, are careful not to disturb foreigners. In other words, you are unlikely to be exposed to racism and discrimination in comparison to many European countries.

Bribery Does Not Work in This Country

Some countries are highly criminal in terms of bribery in business and government affairs. But it does not same case in Turkey. You should not bribe anybody to settle your business. There are legal penalties for those who bribe and bribe in Turkish legislation. Bribery is also not welcomed by many as culturally.

Talking with the Most Competent Person May Be Useful

Bureaucracy in business life in Turkey may take longer in some cases. So if you want to talk about a subject you should try to talk to the most competent person in a company. Although this is not always possible, you can talk directly with the most competent person in the appropriate situation.

There is Bargaining Culture

Bargaining culture found in Turkey. In other words, when shopping, you can buy a product at a cheaper price than the label price. Even if there is no valid method of bargaining in shops or restaurants that implement a single price policy, you can bargain in places such as bazaars and markets. This time you buy raw materials as the owner of a company operating in Turkey in addition to, for example, you can negotiate on the price the company will supply the raw materials.

Gestures and Mimics Must Learn Good

Turkish people use too much gesture and mimic while talking. So much so that the CEO of a large company can use the same gestures on the flats in the street. Therefore, gestures and facial expressions commonly used in Turkey must try to learn. This will strengthen your communication with the other person.

You should not ask your working friends’ salaries

Not met the right people to ask how much salary they received in Turkey. For this reason, it is better to try not to ask your colleagues and how much salary they have paid to the people at work.

Usually Wearing The Suits

People working in an institutional job usually wear suits. We recommend that you learn the rules of the company you are working on for details such as hair, beard, earrings, tattoos. standards in Western countries in working life, clothing and external appearance is valid for Turkey.

You should not argue in such topics as politics and religion

Politics, religion, sect issues such as vecinsel orientation are highly sensitive issue in Turkey. We especially recommend that you do not discuss with business partners, partners, co-workers or employees in such matters.

Football is a Perfect Idea

Turkish people love to talk about current issues. For example, football is a popular topic in Turkey. Therefore, as a foreigner doing business with your customers to follow the football in Turkey, it allows you to establish a more intimate relationship with your business partners and employees. Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas are recommended to follow one of the teams.

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