What Should Those Who Want to Work With Foreign Nationals Do?

According to the regulations governing work permits for foreigners in Turkey are as dependent or independent study options for foreigners. Who want to work in Turkey should get legal permits for foreigners. In addition, it is imperative that workplaces wishing to employ foreign nationals obtain legal permission.
In this article, we will look at the criteria and preparations for work places that want to employ foreign nationals.

Criteria To Be Met For Business Places That Want To Employ Foreign Personnel

Law no. 4817 brings legal explanation to this situation. As regards work permit requests by foreign nationals, the applicant and foreign nationals must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 5 T.C. workers in a workplace that wish to employ foreign nationals. the citizen should work at the same time. In other words, at least 10 T.C. the citizen must also be employed. Where there is no Turkish employee in the same skill in jobs that do not have advanced technology, this and the following clause do not apply.
  • The paid-up capital of the business must be at least TL 100,000, or gross sales must be at least TL 800,000, or the amount of exports in the last year must be at least TL 250,000. This requirement does not apply to foreigners who will work in associations or foundations. Also in the education sector, foreign government and the foreign airlines in this matter Turkey to work in offices and homes in the foreign service and a 5 T. C. no citizen employment condition is sought.
  • It is mandatory that the foreign partner of the company requesting permission is at least 20% of the capital share, not less than TL 40,000.
  • The wage declared by the employer to pay foreigners must be in accordance with the duties and competences of the foreigner. Salary conditions for strangers to be employed are as follows:
  1. At least 6.5 times the minimum wage for senior managers, pilots, engineers and architects requesting preliminary permits,
  2. At least four times the minimum wage for unit or branch managers and engineers and architects,
  3. At least 3 times the minimum wage for teachers, psychologists, physiotherapists, musicians and stage performers
  4. Minimum minimum wage for foreigners to be employed in household services
  5. At least 1.5 times the minimum wage for positions such as salesperson, marketing, import officer
  6. At least 2 times minimum minimum wage for foreigners who have professions such as masseurs, masseuses, SPA therapists, etc. (Foreigners who will work in acrobat and similar duties in tourism-animation and organization companies and at least 4 (certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism) star hotels and tourism enterprises must have at least 3 times the minimum salary)

Required Documents for the Work Places Which Take Foreign Nationals to Work

Workplaces that wish to employ foreign nationals in their workplaces should submit the following documents and submit the “Ministry of Labor and Social Security”.

  • Request for work permit application
  • Balance sheet and profit / loss statement approved by the tax office or sworn fiscal advisor of the last year
  • The organization’s most recent capital and shareholding structure showing the “Trade Registry Gazette of Turkey” original or a copy certified by the organization
  • For the private education institutions that will employ foreign nationals teachers, the “Permission to Open the Institution and Start Teaching” taken from the Ministry of National Education and the license letter taken from the Ministry of National Education or from the municipality where it is affiliated and “Work Place and Working License”
  • Document showing the status of activities taken from the relevant authorities for associations, foundations and health care providers
  • Notarized copy of the investment and investment document from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for certified tourism organizations
  • A document stating that institutions that have gained the right to undertake projects with international tenders by public institutions and organizations (including consortia in this case)
  • To prove that Turkish engineer / architect / city planner is employed for the same profession for the companies that will employ foreign experts in the scope of engineering, architecture, contracting and consultancy services, registered copy of the salary slip and the contract made with foreign

The Status Foreigners Which Not Required To Take Work Permit and of Work Places

Foreigners who meet the following conditions and work places to employ them do not need to obtain a work permit.

  • Turkey is a party to bilateral or multilateral agreements are exempted from the work permit
  • National to be executed by bilateral or multilateral agreements or consortia pursuant to which Turkey is a party, or to work on international projects in international organizations foreigners
  • Turkey Football Federation of Youth and Sports General Directorate of demand or other athletes and coaches with eligible foreign players
  • Permanent residence abroad; scientific, cultural and artistic activities to foreigners coming to Turkey temporarily for less than a month,
  • Foreigners could prove to be a maximum of 6 months in official exhibitions and circus shows and other places in Turkey
  • Foreign students who will do internship in private or public institutions and organizations on the basis of reciprocity, provided that they are limited to internship periods within the framework of student exchange programs

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