What is Togg’s Tariff for Trugo Charging Station Network?

Accelerating the installation of electric vehicle chargers in different points of Turkey with the Trugo brand, Togg also launched the Trugo mobile application. Trugo’s stations will be open to all vehicles.

While Togg is excited to introduce its first model, T10X, to users, it continues to install chargers under the Trugo brand in line with its goal of uninterrupted user experience.

Togg, which set out to establish an end-to-end uninterrupted and high-performance charging network in Turkey with Trugo, has started its operations in Bursa, Istanbul, Samsun, Sakarya, Düzce, Ankara, Kocaeli, Van and Denizli, after the high-performance chargers it installed in the Bolu HighWay Recreational Facility. has also completed its installations.

Collaborating with Shell as well as its own service points, Togg continues to install devices at Shell stations determined in line with Trugo’s goals. The stations established by Trugo will be available to all electric vehicle users.

100% Renewable Energy is Used

Aiming to provide an uninterrupted experience to all electric vehicle users with 180 kW and above devices, Trugo ensures that the charge rate of a battery reaches 80 percent from 20 percent in less than 30 minutes with its high-performance chargers. The devices use 100% renewable energy sources. Thanks to the high-performance charging network, which is accessible to all electric vehicle owners in Turkey, users’ range concerns are also eliminated.

Trugo Mobile Application and Website Opened

All electric vehicle users will be able to follow the charging network established throughout Turkey through the Trugo mobile application and website. The mobile application, which is offered to users on the App Store and Google Play, opens the door to a smooth charging experience for users.

With the Trugo mobile application, users will be able to find the most suitable station for them, follow the charging process, see the completion of the charging, access past charging applications and make the charging payment.

When searching for the Trugo station near the Trugo mobile application, users will be able to search according to their needs such as pharmacies, cafes, playgrounds, shopping malls and restaurants. Users will also be able to see the currently empty/available charging stations.

The tariff to be applied at Trugo charging stations is as follows:

Daily Use

Unit 180 kW300 kW
Cost per kWh7,99 TL7,99 TL

Occupation Price

StatusFee (Min)
In case the area is used as a parking lot after charging is completed.0.5 TL

Accordingly, the charging cost of the 314-kilometer short-range Togg with a battery capacity of 52.4 kWh will be 418.6 lira at Trugo stations, while the energy consumed per kilometer will be 1.33 TL.

With a battery capacity of 88.5 kWh, the 523-kilometer long-range Togg will also cost 707.1 lira, and the energy consumed per kilometer will be 1.35 TL.

Of course these apply to DC fast charging. The distance traveled on a single charge may vary depending on usage. In addition, it is possible to reduce the cost by charging from the Wallbox or standard socket at home or workplace.

Trugo User Care / User Care Center Will Provide 24/7 Service

The charging process consists of the same steps for all electric vehicles using a charging socket compatible with chargers, including the Togg T10X. When users arrive at the station, they will connect the socket to their vehicles, start the charging process with the mobile application, and stop the charging whenever they want while charging their vehicles and continue their journey.

Users who encounter any problems during the charging experience will be able to get support from Trugo User Care / User Care Center, which provides 24/7 service. The consultant-level experts working at the center will be the solution point for users’ all kinds of questions, information, support and help requests.

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