What is the Unemployment Rate in Turkey in February?

What is the Unemployment Rate in Turkey in February?

Turkish Statistical Institute announced February unemployment and employment data. So how is Turkey’s unemployment distribution? Here are the details!

According to the latest developments, Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) announced unemployment and employment data for February. According to the data, unemployment rate in Turkey decreased by 0.3 points compared to the previous month and was recorded as 8.7 percent.

According to TURKSTAT’s Household Labor Force Survey, the number of unemployed people aged 15 and over decreased by 109 thousand people in February compared to the previous month and decreased to 3 million 78 thousand people.

Distribution of Unemployment Rate by Gender and Age

With this increase in the unemployment rate, the unemployment rate is estimated at 7.3 percent for men and 11.3 percent for women. The announced data decreased by 1.3 points compared to the same month of last year.

Unemployment Rate in Turkey

While the seasonally adjusted employment rate was realized as 49.3 percent, the number of employed people reached 32 million 423 thousand people. This rate was 66.5 percent for men and 32.5 percent for women.

In addition, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the young population (15-24 age group) was recorded as 15.6 percent. In this age group, unemployment rate was 13.4 percent for men and 19.6 percent for women.

While the labor force participation rate was realized as 54 percent, this rate was determined as 71.7 percent for men and 36.6 percent for women. Seasonally and calendar adjusted average weekly actual working hours was 43.5 hours.

The idle labor force ratio was determined as 24.5 percent, which is composed of time-related underemployment, potential labor force and unemployed. While the integrated rate of time-based underemployment and unemployed is 16.3 percent, the integrated rate of unemployed and potential labor force is estimated to be 17.6 percent.

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