What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, Symptoms and Treatment

World-renowned 28-year-old singer Justin Bieber has announced that he has Ramsay hunt syndrome. The illness is reminiscent of shingles and facial paralysis. This syndrome; It affects some nerve cells, generally the nerves on the face. This can cause symptoms such as facial paralysis. In Ramsay hunt syndrome; It has been observed that pain in the ear, dizziness in the head, nausea in the stomach and especially auditory sensitivity are decreased.

What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?

The illness is somewhat similar to shingles and facial paralysis. However, the virus named varicella-zoster, which is in the category of herpes simplex virus, which also affects chickenpox and shingles, shows itself with a high pain in the ear in Ramsay hunt disease. In this way, the microbe first shows signs in the ear. This disease is usually seen between the ages of 30-50. This microbe affects key nerve cells, especially nerve cells on the face. Therefore, symptoms such as facial paralysis are observed. It occurs especially around the ear or inside the ear. Pain in the ear, constant tinnitus, constant turning of the head and severe pain cause especially sensory loss.

What Are the Symptoms of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?

In Ramsay hunt syndrome, the person has difficulty in closing the eye, which is located on the paralyzed part of the face, and the person’s mouth and eyes begin to dry. The taste in the mouth may be impaired. The person may also have difficulty in moving the mouth part. For example, he consumes liquid but does not hold it in his mouth, spills and cannot even consume solid food. Some of its symptoms are as follows;

  • Extreme weakness and fatigue
  • Pain in one’s ear
  • Nausea, skin flaking, auditory impairment
  • Differences in taste or decreased taste
  • Slipping or similar problems in the face area

If one or all of these symptoms occur, it may be necessary to go to a specialist without wasting time. If the patients are not intervened in a timely manner, this facial paralysis can be permanent.

How Is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Treated?

The most ideal treatment methods for Ramsay hunt syndrome may be drugs that are good for the virus microbe.
In addition, a personalized treatment method can be applied according to the personal symptoms observed in the patient. Anti-inflammatory drugs or anti-seizure medications can help minimize the pain present in this illness. Some medications can contribute to the reduction of symptoms similar to vertigo, such as nausea or dizziness. Eye drops or similar liquids can help prevent corneal injury.

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