What is Hypothermia And Why Does It Occur?

Hypothermia started to take place among the researched subjects after the Kahramanmaraş earthquake. Hypothermi a prediction came from experts due to the presence of people under the debris in the cold weather. So what is hypothermi a, how does it happen? Is there a cure for hypothermi a?

What is hypothemia and how does it happen? Many people looking for an answer to their question started to research about the disease on the internet. Hypothemia can be fatal in people who experience an unusual drop in body temperature as a result of exposure to extreme cold. So what is hypothemia, how does it happen? Is there a cure for hypothermi?


Hypothermi is a common problem in people exposed to cold for a long time. If not intervened in time, it can cause heart rhythm disorder, heart failure and even sudden cardiac arrest.

What is Hypothermia


  • Some of the factors that cause an unusual drop in body temperature can be listed as follows:
  • Insufficient clothing or low outdoor temperature
  • Insufficient movement in cold weather
  • Staying in the water for a long time, even in hot weather
  • fall into cold water
  • Wet or damp clothing, especially on infants and young children
  • extensive burns on the body
  • accident in the snow
What is Hypothermia


  • Symptoms vary according to the degree of hypothermi. These;
  • coldness in hands and feet
  • pale skin
  • Shake
  • unclear, slow speech
  • It can be listed as a slight confusion.


  • Slowing of body movements and coordination
  • incompetence
  • dizziness
  • Numbness
  • indifference to the environment
  • slow heart rate
  • slow breathing
  • confusion or loss of consciousness
  • Pupil dilation and unresponsiveness to light
  • respiratory and circulatory arrest
What is Hypothermia


  • Since 50 percent of the heat loss in hypothermi occurs from the head and neck region, the mouth and nose area should be covered by using a hat, beret, neck collar and even a ski mask.
  • Persons with hypothermi should be taken to a closed place at room temperature immediately and their wet clothes should be removed.
  • With the emergency response, the person should be wrapped in a blanket and drink hot drinks that do not contain caffeine and alcohol.
  • The middle parts of the body, such as the head, neck, chest and abdomen, need to be warmed up.
  • Using an electric blanket instead of a regular blanket will have a shorter effect.
  • When the body temperature rises, they should be wrapped in a dry blanket, including the head and neck, and taken to the doctor as soon as possible.
What is Hypothermia

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