What happens if we don’t drink water?

Dehydration is a life-threatening condition that occurs when you are dehydrated.

Something that will double your quality of life for free: hydration. When I go to the hospital, the doctor constantly warns me because even though I’m used to it, my body shows strong signs of dehydration. It’s a problem, but it’s not easy to solve once you get used to it. After all, you can’t forcefully double or triple your fluid intake. but that doesn’t bother me. What harm could it do?


  • What happens if we don’t drink water?
  • Is the need met with tea and coffee?
  • With what do we take the water, is it necessary to drink water?
  • How much fluid intake should be increased for athletes, and
  • What will happen when our water needs are met?

What happens if we stop drinking water and beverages (tea, coffee, cola, any liquid you can think of) immediately?

our daily fluid output (for average age, weight) is around 2.5 liters. this output happens with pee, sweat and faeces (mostly at least). It is said that there is a loss of 300-700 gr with other activities. This fluid needs to be taken back into the body every day.

The brain also pays attention to this requirement and constantly monitors the level of sodium in the blood, including during sleep. when the values ​​begin to fall, the brain itself “produces” the feeling of thirst. You can notice this with dry mouth. On the other hand, since almost everything, from body temperature control to hormones, works without seeing the body thanks to water, the body will gradually save money in order not to disrupt vital functions, where the first thing to be restricted is fluid regeneration. . that is, the body tends to use more waste fluid. therefore, your urine gradually decreases, its color becomes darker (orange) and its smell becomes stronger. Urine is known to be green even in fatal dehydration.

Although the brain covers a small part of us, our body actually uses half of the calories we take in and 1/3 of the water. because if you are not an athlete, even thinking activities alone will consume as much resources as the functioning of the body. (It’s a false claim, but that’s where the view that the weak are smart, there’s no proof). therefore the brain, one of the biggest consumers, slightly reduces mental functions to save money in the second stage. reflex times are reduced, drowsiness is observed, the ability to perceive is reduced and, very interestingly, the brain tissue shrinks. in other words, our brain visibly shrinks by losing fluid, as you know. It can be between 10-20%, which may seem small, but at this point, it can make vital functions impossible. A throbbing headache is felt in bodies that are not accustomed to this point.

When the brain goes on the path of saving in this way, the power of thought weakens, but we still have to do something. In this case, we need longer time to fall and almost double the oxygen consumption. Although you are full of lungs, you may feel depressed, you can say go to the balcony, such situations are an indication that the brain is exposed to stress.

Apart from this, decreasing water also makes it difficult for you to break down the food you eat, that is, to get energy. So, being full of water without water is of no use to you.

In 20-48 hours, starting from the hand, muscle tremors begin to appear and in such a thirst, your body says you are full because there is no digestion anymore. as he left the table. your hormonal activities have almost stopped and sex urges disappear with hunger. The body’s sole purpose is to provide fluid. Meanwhile, the surface temperature of the body, which cannot cool itself, increases visibly. however, it cannot regulate the temperature inside and the organs begin to cool. your eyes stop producing fluid, so your eyes hurt as if you were sleep deprived. You can hardly perceive what is going on around you. There are situations when you drop your key and don’t notice. At this point, it becomes difficult to reach the water source. has a severe headache. skin tone fades.

According to your body, you go to death 3-5 days later. Now your skin color is starting to turn blue. severe pain is felt, and although you are alive, the organs are shut down one by one in order of vital importance. At this point, even if we put water in front of you, you may not think of buying and drinking because your thinking power is close to zero. Intravenous fluids may sometimes be the only solution, as oral intake may not prevent your death.

I drink tea and coffee a lot, I don’t drink much water.Will I still be thirsty?

The reason this is asked is because of the caffeine in coffee and tea. The rationale for caffeine’s energizing is that it constricts the blood vessels to the brain and makes the brain panic. This contraction and stimulation of the nervous system is made possible by dehydration. but speaking of two or three studies, that’s not a big deal. People who meet their needs with tea and coffee instead of water are not in bad shape. Accordingly, for those who consume up to 200mg of caffeine a day, the water of the coffee you drink saves the situation. But if you’re drinking high-caffeine versions or high amounts, things turn around.

Another important point is how much sugar you put in these drinks. If you meet your water needs in this way, throwing a few sugars into each glass will cause you to become dehydrated again.

Is water need met only by drinking water?

In fact, the main thing is to regain the water we lost to the extent I mentioned at the beginning. so you don’t need to carry a water bottle. Take 3 liters of fluid into your body per day. It affects everything from the soup you drink to the fruit you eat. 20% of our water needs already come from food. Although separating this liquid is extra work for the digestive system, we can say that if you cannot drink water, you should eat fruit, drink tea and soup.

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