What is Anal Fissure? How To Fix Anal Fissure?

Anal fissure usually occurs after prolonged constipation. Discomfort, which is a painful process, reduces people’s quality of life. Anus fissure, which is usually kept silent because it is ashamed to be spoken, is a serious discomfort. Doing nothing can cause your complaint to increase with each passing day.

Anal Fissure are wounds that occur in the last part of the breech as 1 – 1.5 cm. Here, there is the intestine’s own muscle, which covers the outer part of the anus, and the main muscle that holds the stool in the outermost part. The muscle of the bowel itself squeezes the bowel very tightly and causes tears when going to the toilet.


General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Cenk Ersavas, explained in detail for you what causes an anal fissure, does it heal on its own, and when treatment is required. If there is a wound in any part of you, you need to keep it steady to heal, but this is not the case in the breech.

In another defecation, there is a tear again and at the end of the healing process, there may be a tear again. As long as this pressure state continues, the tear problem will continue. After a while, the body heals this problem in the form of a chronic wound. Especially when there is pain for 15 minutes or more after using the toilet, the breech crack needs to be treated seriously.

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