What happened to, why won’t it open, did it crash? Social media discusses allegations of domain crisis

What happened to, why won’t it open, did it crash? Social media discusses allegations of domain crisis cannot be accessed through both the website and the application. When users try to access the site; “This site cannot be reached, the server IP address of the host could not be found.” It is claimed that’s domain expired and the site could not be accessed as a result of someone else buying the domain.

Turkey’s popular website has been inaccessible for a while. Users, especially those who sell real estate and automobiles on the site with millions of ads, are worried about access problems. It was stated that a US domain company froze the domain name of in the event that was the most talked about topic on social media.

It was reported that the domain name of was locked on the website of the US company Network Solutions. The company informs that a number of reasons lead to such lockdowns.


According to the information accessed from the company, common reasons for such lockouts include the domain name being the subject of a dispute such as a bankruptcy case, trademark dispute, ownership dispute.

It is also said that the situation may occur if the current domain name owner requests the domain name to be locked.

FIRST STATEMENT FROM THE OWNER made the following statements in a statement on its Instagram account;

“Due to a technical problem we are experiencing with the company providing domain name service, our platform is currently inaccessible.

The work of the relevant company is continuing to resolve the problem as soon as possible and will be informed again when the issue is resolved.

We respectfully announce to the public.”

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