What Happened in the Patiswiss Incident?

What Happened in the Patiswiss Incident?

What happened in the Patiswiss incident, which has been the main topic on social media for a few days? Here are the details!

Recently, social media has been buzzing with the issue of chocolate produced by the Patiswiss brand and allegedly moldy. The incident initially started with the response given by Patiswiss CEO Elif Aslı Yıldız Tunaoğlu after a person shared this chocolate.

Tunaoğlu, who used remarkable expressions in her response, received great reaction due to the statement “There is a giant Migros and us in front of you.” and deleted her response soon after. With the rapid growth and spread of the incident, Migros removed all Patiswiss products in its mobile application, while the incident resulted in the resignation of the Patiswiss CEO.


How Did It Start?

Patiswiss CEO Elif Aslı Yıldız Tunaoğlu’s harsh response to a LinkedIn user’s post about Patiswiss chocolate coming out of the box moldy suddenly went viral on social media.

“You know these products will never get moldy? Let’s say that’s true. I think you should urgently check the humidity level in your house. And it’s a pity you don’t have any other content to share on Linkedin. You’re right, everyone needs us to make money. Look at all the people who write ‘garbage’ down there. Everyone is unaware of what our lawyers will ask for brand defamation, brand devaluation etc. Also! If such a situation happened to us, you would tell us and ask for compensation! You are up against your giant MIGROS and us. Everyone is so behind the product! Good luck to you. Our lawyers will contact you, but I like to solve my own business myself.”

Tunaoğlu deleted his post soon after and his statements quickly spread on social media and Migros got involved in the issue and removed Patiswiss products from its mobile application. Soon after, Patiswiss made an official statement on the issue.


New Statements from Patiswiss and Tunaoğlu
“As the Patiswiss brand, we make great efforts to ensure that our products remain fresh and healthy throughout their shelf life. In case of product problems caused by different factors, we examine all the details with our customer service and related departments and reach a solution. We see every feedback as an opportunity to improve our products.”

Despite all these statements, Tunaoğlu’s continued presence in his post has led users on social media to organize a boycott. In light of the events that have been going on for a few days, Elif Aslı Yıldız Tunaoğlu published a new statement on her social media account.

“You asked me if it is too hard to say this! It was very difficult to stay calm when they said that you were producing ‘garbage’ in the comments under this post for a producer that so many people eat bread and labor. It is in my nature to embrace and protect, to stand up against injustice. I guess I will not give up until the end of my life. However, when I talk about spelling etc., who I am writing to is seriously misunderstood and confused. You are right. Those who say you are selling ‘garbage’ are the ones our lawyers should meet with. I apologize for the misunderstanding, not enough subject/predicate and all spelling/grammar mistakes. I would like to add that both the seller and the producer stand behind the product. I would have preferred the method of contacting us directly, not to mislead the public without knowing the cause / source of the situation. But this is also accepted. Turkish is not a tire. Please, let’s not pull it, is another request.”

After Tunaoğlu’s resignation as Patiswiss CEO, there is no further development on the issue for now, but we will be informing you if there is a development.

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