What does the thymus gland do?

Located below the thyroid gland, in the chest cavity and in front of the trachea, the Thymus gland is the center of our immune system. The more the thymus gland vibrates, the greater the immunity. One of the most important things that makes him tremble is to laugh.

The thymus gland is located below the thyroid gland, in the chest cavity and in front of the trachea.
This gland is the center of the human immune system. that is, the entire immune system is managed from here.

It makes the thymus gland vibrate when the person hits their chest.
In this way, it tries to prevent the decrease of immunity caused by sadness.
The more often this gland vibrates, the younger and healthier a person lives, and the later he ages.
you can vibrate the thymus gland with small strokes in the middle of your chest with your fingers.

or you use a simpler way. “You can laugh”.
because laughing activates this gland as it moves the rib cage.

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