What Causes Hand Sweating?

What causes hand sweating? What is the sign and cause of excessive hand sweating, is there a cure?

Sweating of the hands is a condition that makes the person uncomfortable and uneasy. It varies depending on two main different reasons, psychological and physiological. So, what is hand sweating and why does it occur? How does hand sweating go? What are the symptoms and treatment of excessive hand sweating? What is good for hand sweating?


Sweating of the hands can be psychological as well as physiological. It occurs psychologically in cases such as excessive stress, anxiety, nervousness. In case of excessive work of sweat glands; occurs physiologically. It can cause problems in social life due to excessive sweating. Especially in handshakes, the person experiences discomfort.

Sweating is an important condition in terms of maintaining the body’s heat balance. However, if it is excessive, there is a problem. The densest sweat glands are located on the palms. During stress, excitement, or anger, sweating occurs on the hands first.

Excessive handsweating is a sweating that usually occurs on the hands (palms). It can be only on the hands, often on the feet, sometimes on the armpits and face (head) area. If excessive handsweating affects the person’s daily activities, social life, learning, business life and psychological state, this condition is called excessive handsweating disease (palmar hyperhidrosis).

Hand Sweating

Hand sweating is not life-threatening. However, it is the most troublesome state of regional excessive sweating. Because the sweating of the hands we use in all our works prevents many of our activities.


There are many underlying causes of sweating in human nature. These causes can range from the external environment to a change in emotion or illness.

Hand Sweating

Some of the causes of excessive hand sweating;

  • Instant mood swings
  • Heat
  • Don’t move
  • Tumor
  • Gout
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Mercury poisoning
  • Overactive thyroid gland
  • Menopause
  • Psychological disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Infectious diseases
  • Heart failure
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Drugs, alcohol


Hand Sweating

If handsweating is not excessive and is in normal condition, there is no need to make any effort to overcome it. However, if there is an uncomfortable sweating, it is useful to consult a doctor first. Some applications and treatments that can be applied for handsweating are as follows:

Washing hands regularly

Washing hands regularly helps to soothe sweat glands. You should wash your hands frequently with only water.

Hand Sweating

Spray and Gels

Among the most preferred applications to prevent palm sweating is the use of antiperspirants in the form of spray or gel. Antiperspirants temporarily close the sweat pores, causing sweating to stop for a while.

Using baby powder

As the powders help absorb sweat, it keeps hands dry and thus provides a better grip on items. Using baby powder is one of the applications that can temporarily prevent handsweating.

Hand Sweating

Drink sage tea

Thanks to the content of sage tea, it both inactivates the sweat glands and reduces sweating by absorbing the excess oil on the skin.

Botox injection

Thanks to the botox application that can be applied by the doctor, excessive handsweating is easily and quickly eliminated. The process takes about 15-20 minutes and its application is as follows:

Hand Sweating

First of all, the operation area is marked and anesthetized. Botox is then applied. This botox prevents the sweat glands from working and thus a serious decrease in sweating occurs. However, botox can only last for 6-7 months. Afterwards, a re-application is required.

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