What are the Rights of Foreigners who Get Health Services in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the countries where international health standards and procedures are applied and preferred by many foreigners in the field of health. In cases where the necessary legal procedures are provided, foreigners who are refugees in Turkey can also benefit from health services, just like Turkish citizens. In terms of patient rights, foreigners have equal rights just like Turkish citizens. Foreigners who apply for international protection or have the right to international protection in Turkey, those who do not have any health insurance and do not have the ability to pay can benefit from health services free of charge. For this, you must have applied for international protection or have the right to this protection. Having a foreigner’s identification number starting with 99 makes you fully benefit from health services in Turkey.

Foreigners who are not registered in Turkey or who have not yet applied for international protection can only benefit from emergency health services. We would like to remind you that foreigners in Turkey also have basic patient rights such as providing health services under equal conditions to everyone, being informed about their health status, accepting or rejecting treatment after this information, protecting patient privacy and being treated humanely. In addition, do not forget that foreigners can benefit from the rights such as choosing a treatment method, visiting and having a companion during your treatment in health institutions in Turkey. Foreigners who encounter any problem can apply to the Patient Communication Unit in the hospital where they receive service or to SABİM via ALO 184.

If you have questions about the patient rights of foreigners in Turkey, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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