Warning From FBI: Don’t Charge Phone Everywhere!

The FBI has warned smartphone users to stay away from publicly available USB ports. So, what are the dangers waiting for users?

The FBI warned users to stay away from public charging points in hotels, airports and shopping malls due to malware risks. According to the FBI, public USB ports are used to inject malware and tracking software into devices. He advised users to bring their own chargers and USB cables, and use the power outlet instead of public USB ports.

As you know, iPhones have a USB security feature that prevents the port from being used for data transfer when more than an hour has passed since the phone was unlocked. However, this security measure does not work when the phone is charged and actively used.

The publicly available USB port can be used to transfer malware to a computer, tablet or smartphone. This means that hackers can access sensitive data on the device, doing many harms, from stealing usernames and passwords to stealing money. The only way to stay safe is to use your own USB cable for charging in public areas.

The FBI also issues well-known warnings not to perform sensitive operations on public WiFi hotspots, not to open suspicious documents, not to use the same password for all accounts, and not to click on unwanted links in sms and e-mails.

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