Warning from Experts: Great Danger for Wreck Survivors

Earthquakes with magnitudes of 7.7 and 7.5, which occurred in the morning hours in Kahramanmaraş and were felt in 10 different cities, shocked the whole of Turkey. While countless citizens remain under the rubble, those who were pulled out of the rubble continue to wait in the region to search for their relatives. Professor Doctor Güner Sönmez made an important sharing about earthquake victims. Sonmez said that Crush Syndrome and Compartment Syndrome are most common in earthquake victims. So, what is this Crush and Compartment syndrome? Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Sinan Karaca made important statements on the subject.

Professor Doctor Güner Sönmez expressed his experiences in the Gölcük earthquake and appealed to his colleagues. Sönmez stated that apart from simple injuries, the most common type of Crush syndrome in earthquake victims. So, what is Crush syndrome, what are its symptoms and treatment methods? Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Sinan Karaca made statements on the subject.

Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Sinan Karaca said, “Due to long-term severe crushing, severe systemic trauma and tissue death occur, affecting soft tissues, especially skeletal muscle. It causes an increase in the permeability of the cell membrane and the release of potassium, enzymes and myoglobin from the cells. After these substances mix into the blood, ischemic kidney dysfunction, hypotension and decreased renal perfusion result in acute tubular necrosis and uremia.

Source: Posta

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