Valheim Gets Xbox Launch Trailer

Iron Gate had significant sales success with Valheim. The studio recently brought the game for the Xbox Series X/S as well. So yesterday was a good day for Viking lovers. The production was first released as an Early Access version in 2021. It has become very popular in a short time. At this point, it has regularly reached milestones. So far, it has sold more than 10 million units.

Valheim Coming for Xbox Series X/S

More fans for Valheim had the chance to explore this exciting adventure. It’s a good chance for players to get an idea of why the game is so popular. At this point, Game Pass subscribers also reached the point of experiencing the game as a subscription, in order to move things to a better point. The trailer for the game first begins by showing the awards the production has won.

Then, as at the beginning of the game, a Raven leaves you in the forest on a rainy day. From where you fell, you are defenseless in the forest. At this point, you need to produce various items by collecting materials from around. You then use these items to create a shelter like a house. There are many methods of finding food such as fishing and hunting in the game.

Valheim presents his fans with gods from Norse mythology that they’ll have a hard time having fun with. Every god has a weak spot. By finding them, you can use your weapon against their weaknesses. When you kill it, you gain a hunting trophy. With this loot, you can improve yourself in various subjects. The production offers 10 maps waiting to be explored with the new DLC packs. You can progress on these maps by building a boat or a ship.

One of the most striking features of the game is the co-op feature. While the game is fun even when playing by yourself, it promises to double the fun with your friends.


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