Can you solve your problems using antidepressants?

Nowadays, people want to solve all kinds of problems quickly. They push a button, take a pill, and wait for everything to get better. Although prozac and similar drugs are effective in the treatment of depression, it is not right to give medication to every depressed person first. Such drugs should not be used as the first treatment, but as a last resort (last resort) after everything has been tried.

  • Depression Drugs are Addictive
    • There will be those who say, “I’ve been using it for 30 years, it has never been addictive to me”, but according to recent research, all addictions in life (from substance addiction to sugar addiction, from sex addiction to PlayStation addiction) usually overstimulate the serotonin centers in the brain and occupy a permanent place in the brain. So if things that indirectly stimulate the serotonin centers in the brain are addictive, does it make sense that antidepressants that directly stimulate it are not addictive, and that’s the whole point?
  • Side Effects
    • It has been known for years that such drugs have long-term negative effects on many organs, especially the liver and kidneys, whether they have side effects or not.
    • so even if you haven’t seen any side effects on paper, you will see the effects on many of your internal organs after using it for a few years or more.
  • Immune System
    • Just as the immune system of those who use antibiotics in the slightest illness gradually weakens after a while and cannot fight even the simplest diseases without antibiotics, constantly clinging to such drugs in depression reduces the person’s mental resistance and even causes addiction. More strong.
    • In this case, the person becomes unable to continue his daily life without taking antidepressants. It is known that a significant portion of those who commit suicide while depressed are those who use antidepressants on time and then stop suddenly.
  • Habit
    • In some shopping malls and department stores (e.g. Wal-Mart) abroad, they give battery-powered cars to obese people who have trouble walking. This battery-powered car prevents obese people from walking, making their condition worse, not better. obese people can already exercise 15-20 minutes a day, so they can’t get it either. It’s like giving an antidepressant to someone whose condition isn’t very serious. that person becomes so addicted to that drug that he completely forgets how to fight life and cannot live without it.
  • Most people who think they are depressed are not actually depressed.
    • According to statistics, 1-2% of the population suffers from major depression and 1% of the population is in such a bad condition that they will use drugs chronically, even if they are stoned with other types of depression. Today, many diseases are confused with depression.
    • Today, many diseases, from iron deficiency in the blood to diabetes, are confused with depression, and many people not only become unnecessarily addicted to antidepressants, but also prevent that person from receiving a treatment that can respond to their real illness.
  • What effects these drugs have on the body and how they work is still not fully understood.
    • When you search for scientific articles today, you can see more than 100 studies and experiments in progress to better understand the working mechanism and side effects of antidepressants. Research will continue for at least 20-30 years to fully understand both the therapeutic effects of these drugs and the harm they cause to the body. Using a drug chronically for years, the effects of which are not fully understood, is taking a big risk, especially if other remedies have not been tried before.

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