10 Useful Apps Available via Google Search

Google search aims to provide solutions to some of our daily problems with some of its built-in applications. Some features that we would normally need different applications for are offered within the search engine.

Breathing Exercise

Breath Exercise

The internet can be a stressful place. Google “breathing exercises” and you will find a 1-minute breathing exercise program with visual and written instructions. You can get away from stress by following the instructions. If it is not enough, you can repeat the exercise by clicking the replay button.

You can go directly to the app from here.


If you are a musician or need the perfect beat for any reason, you need a metronome. Simply type “metronome” into Google. The Google tool defaults to 100 beats per minute, but you can increase or decrease this according to your needs.

Direct access

Color Picker

When you type “color picker” into Google, the tiny application that comes up offers you the equivalent of the color of your choice in hex, rgb, cmyk, hsv and hsl.

Direct access

Tuning Tool

When you type “tuning tool” into Google, you access the Google app on your phone or computer, to which you need to give microphone access. Then you can find out how close the sound you make with an instrument or with your own voice is to which note and adjust it by pulling it up or down.

Direct access


When you search for “calculator” on Google, you can do your math operations with the calculator that comes up.

Random Chance Apps

Coin Toss

When you search for “coin toss”, you get an application where Google will choose the coin for you.

Direct access

Dice Rolling

“zar at” yazarak aradığınızda birçok farklı zar çeşidi ile atış yapabileceğiniz google uygulamasına erişiyorsunuz.

Wheel Spining

You can access this application when you search for “google spinner”. When you open the application, a wheel with 6 options awaits you. You can increase the number of options up to 20.

Direct Access

There are also some games you can play with Google built-in apps.

You can access these games from the links below:

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