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USA Adds Artificial Intelligence Facial Recognition Feature to Its UAVs for Assassination Measures

It is reported that the United States Air Force has developed artificial intelligence-assisted facial recognition technology (FTR) for autonomous drones. The technology will be used in reconnaissance and operational missions.

The United States Air Force will develop artificial intelligence-assisted facial recognition technology for drones, allowing drones to identify individuals and perform tasks in various forms. The US Department of Defense will work with RealNetworks for this technology.


For this project, New Scientist said, “The US Air Force has completed the project to develop facial recognition software for autonomous drones, which has raised concerns that individuals can be targeted and killed.” It also includes acting autonomously.

According to RealNetworks, the technology could potentially be used for perimeter security, local search operations and rescue missions. But what if an autonomous drone detects a wanted criminal with facial recognition? For now, this question is unanswered.

Not Only the USA

On the other hand, the USA is not the only country that uses facial recognition systems in UAVs. The UN had previously claimed that Libyan troops equipped drones with weapons and facial recognition software in 2021. Dubai police have been using drones that use facial recognition technology to find careless or drunk drivers for some time now. China has had these systems for quite some time.

However, civil rights defenders oppose the use of facial recognition technology by the police. Some states in the US have already banned police from using facial recognition technology, including the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. However, these bans allow the use of facial recognition to combat some sensitive crimes.

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